Work-life balance is a myth


…..there is really no such thing.

Maybe I should begin by asking, what do you do for a living? I don’t mean the actual job. I mean what contribution do you make to society? How does what you do keep our collective existence going and sustain life on the Planet? If what you do has no […]

Work-life balance is a myth2018-01-09T00:26:10+01:00

Everyone does not matter


In nuclear physics, there is a thing called critical mass i.e, the smallest mass of material that will start a chain reaction. In business, it is the minimum size or amount of resources required to start or maintain a venture or another definition puts it as the size a company needs to reach in order to efficiently and competitively […]

Everyone does not matter2017-11-30T20:04:17+01:00

Two kinds of cost


It is easy to enroll for that program. To show up always and keep appearances. But it is more difficult to engage. More difficult to open up your mind, and allow it stretch.


It is this kind of commitment that gives you full value in return.


The thing is, if you have made the sacrifice to pay […]

Two kinds of cost2017-11-28T22:57:26+01:00

The good thing about pain

Is that it can help you to stay grateful.
Without the possibility of defeat, victory will have no meaning. Even success is not an independent variable in that it draws relevance from the existence of failure.
Pleasure and pain follows the same idea.
And they all make the narrative complete.
We suffer unnecessarily because we are too one-sided in […]

The good thing about pain2017-11-27T19:00:07+01:00

The real definition of ignorance


We live in the best of times and never in the history of man has information being so ubiquitous as it is today. With google, we are afforded access to tons of information almost for free, more than we may ever need in a single life time.


But yet, amidst all of these, there is still […]

The real definition of ignorance2017-11-26T20:41:26+01:00

The door may shut you out


….that is for only those who make an attempt to get in.


The people who do not are already shut out. They have a zero chance. Their probability of being considered is 0. When you don’t give a try, you get nothing.


If you apply for that job/exam/scholarship/audition you may be selected but if you don’t, even […]

The door may shut you out2017-11-25T21:52:12+01:00

It’s black Friday, watch your back


That we now live in the information age is no longer news. And as some people would say, information is the new gold.

Today, almost every innovation is operated by some kind of algorithm. The conversations in our space is now chiefly about zeros and ones. Did you know that the amount of data that is […]

It’s black Friday, watch your back2019-04-19T11:08:31+02:00

Why am I here?


Everytime you log on to Facebook, you have two choices: to do the urgent or the important. The important is the real reason you came on the platform in the first place (for those who have a reason) while the urgent is the updates on your time line screaming at you for a bit of […]

Why am I here?2019-01-23T18:21:25+01:00

You are being watched every time


Whether you like to agree or not, someone is looking at you and making judgments. Someone is looking at how you walk. Your posture, composure & body carriage. How you smile, talk, laugh, get angry, dress (both when you dress up and when you dress down). It is tempting to think that these things don’t […]

You are being watched every time2019-01-23T18:37:46+01:00

What is in it for them?

I have learnt over time, that the best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want. To strive for a win-win. And to put the thoughts of others first.
This works every where. At home, in the office, at school, in a social club. Just everywhere.  The thing is, people […]

What is in it for them?2017-11-21T12:19:44+01:00
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