Friction creates wear and tear

….but it is also responsible for forward motion.
It’s like the two sides of a coin. The two halves that makes the whole. You can’t take out one side and leave the other. And that’s exactly what some people try to do when they attempt to short circuit a necessary process, just because they think it […]

Friction creates wear and tear2017-11-20T18:09:10+01:00

The responsibility of choosing

In this life, we will not be exempted from the responsibility of making choices and of choosing a path for our lives. And it happens almost every time.
The way it works is that, life will often present you with forks at critical junctions on your journey. Crossroads where you you will need to choose a […]

The responsibility of choosing2017-11-19T17:11:29+01:00

True believers

As you are reading this right now, there are number of protests going on simultaneously at different locations of the world. Pockets of people who do not agree. People who beg to differ and they are doing something about their positions. They believe so much in their cause that they don’t mind to get on […]

True believers2017-11-18T19:46:51+01:00

Own your life

To feign indifference to the challenges of your life is not a good response strategy. And before you know what’s happening, you may have gotten neck deep in it.
You see, amongst the options available to you, maybe the best of them is for you to take responsibility. Maybe it is the magic wand that you […]

Own your life2017-11-17T18:02:23+01:00

Role playing

In this life, not everybody will be players in the popular sense of the word. Some people must be coaches and it doesn’t matter whether they were once players in the same field or not. Infact, they don’t have to have been and the game of football is a clear representation of this idea. Today, […]

Role playing2017-11-16T21:49:31+01:00

Use the right escalator

I witnessed a rather fascinating incident at a train station some time ago. A young chap somehow got on the escalator that was descending while he tried to make an ascent. He had mounted it before he discovered that he was on the wrong one and instead of beating a retreat on realizing this, he […]

Use the right escalator2017-11-15T15:40:57+01:00

The pressure to conform


The concept of understanding one’s life purpose is not mystical. It is humans that have made it so.

Living purposefully is as simple as when a fish swims in water and a bird soars up in the sky (with grace and colour). It is that simple. We find it hard to follow ours because we are […]

The pressure to conform2017-11-14T11:28:59+01:00

Create your pressure


You cannot afford to wait until you feel like working before you work because you just may never do.

Sometimes, it is wise to invent the feeling. Assume agency over it: put a deadline. Set the clock on your work station a couple of minutes fast. Tell your friends (even those on social media) of your […]

Create your pressure2017-11-13T11:49:46+01:00
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