…and then what next?


When you now have that your choice car, parked in your garage,….what next? You have just landed that multinational job….just bought a custom made 3 piece Italian suit that you have been dreaming of, with crocodile skin shoes to match,…what next? You now have the financial muscle to travel to any part of the world […]

…and then what next?2017-12-31T02:01:23+01:00

It takes two to be understood


Effective communication involves a sender, receiver and the feedback. And it takes the interactions of these three elements to complete the process.

When you are the one passing out information, it is tempting to think that the other two elements don’t count much but they are just as important. Beyond what is said by a party, […]

It takes two to be understood2017-12-31T00:59:53+01:00

Times and seasons


The internet age has brought so much good to humanity and never in our history have we become as efficient as we are today, in the way we live, commute, trade, communicate and even love. It has indeed proven to be a big leverage for the global community. But a part of the flip side […]

Times and seasons2017-12-29T01:53:00+01:00

The thing about new year resolutions


Let me start by saying that, there is really no such thing as a new year (at least in the way we subconsciously perceive it). Things will not suddenly become new at the turn of the year. You will not suddenly lose body weight. Your job will not become less stressful. Money will not start […]

The thing about new year resolutions2019-04-20T17:50:41+02:00

After the graduation then the commencement


For most people, the first two and half decades of their lives are usually dedicated to schooling, in the way society has structured it. From primary education, to secondary/high school and then to university/college level. At the end of the third tier of their academics, school leavers are expected to partake in a ceremony where […]

After the graduation then the commencement2017-12-27T03:01:30+01:00

The face behind the mask


The turn of this new millennium saw the introduction and worldwide penetration of digital broadcasting, which transformed television (TV) viewing experience in no small way. With this technology, broadcasters are able to offer TV experience with better visual and audio quality and multiple channels of programming. Although some parts of the developing world are currently […]

The face behind the mask2018-01-03T13:47:21+01:00

One name is as good as another


I have a favorite quote excerpted from the Sergio Leone directed 1966 movie classic, ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ and it goes: one name is as good as another.

Yes, one name is as good as another name and infact, there is really nothing in a name. Nothing. A name does not take anything […]

One name is as good as another2017-12-24T10:17:49+01:00

Dressing up and dressing down


One interesting definition for Quality is ‘fitness for purpose’. And by this school of thought, a product is of quality if it matches a predetermined specification or stated outcome. It is not a matter of whether it looks good or its constituents are of a high grade or comes at a high price. No.


Now let’s bring […]

Dressing up and dressing down2017-12-23T01:19:41+01:00
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