Managing the burden of responsibility


Talking about the idea of taking responsibility, it is good to bother about some or most of the world’s problems…but not for all of it. And this is especially for leaders.

What is important is to first begin with an understanding of who you are & your unique gifts/abilities and use that as a lens to […]

Managing the burden of responsibility2019-01-23T17:26:41+01:00

The value money nexus


You see, I have learnt that no matter who you are, money will never be attracted to you but to your vision & the projects in your life.


The thing is, there is no free money anywhere. And people (everywhere) will always require a reason to pass their resources to you over other people & other […]

The value money nexus2019-01-23T18:35:59+01:00

Hedge yourself


If someone can take his own life as a way of finding ‘inner peace’, how do you then think that they will not attempt to take your ‘thing’ — your job, your company, your spouse or even your life?

Look, once a man gets to the point where he feels that his next level of peace […]

Hedge yourself2018-01-29T20:11:11+01:00

Victim or Player?


There was traffic and so…..bla bla bla!

I was stuck in the previous meeting and so…..bla bla bla!

My bus did not arrive on time and so…..bla bla bla!

Am sure we have all heard people make statements like this at one time or the other. And maybe we even did same a couple of hours ago. It […]

Victim or Player?2018-01-29T01:28:11+01:00

The limitation of imitation


Most young people of this generation had the privilege, I would say, of experiencing formal education in classrooms, where students are arrayed in rows and columns with an instructor standing before them.

In this system of education, you do exactly as you are told. You listen to instructions and whatever the teacher says was law. Some […]

The limitation of imitation2019-01-23T17:41:06+01:00

Salary or reward?


Following the path where your talent, gifts & purpose lead is often fraught with a lot of uncertainty because it is usually dark — a road less travelled….with very few references.

And that’s why many would rather not.‎ Those who do, do not get paid a salary. They get rewarded — a far weightier kind of […]

Salary or reward?2018-01-24T22:21:26+01:00

When it sounds good but makes no fit


….then don’t say it.

Neither should you include it in your writing. I know it’s tempting to try to score a point with what you know but at the same time you must show caution when people give you their attention at any point in time; not even in these times when attention is in scarce […]

When it sounds good but makes no fit2018-01-23T11:57:54+01:00
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