If you haven’t met with yourself first, then let’s not meet


In physics, the first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And it is still true today. But in organizational culture the opposite is true: energy can in fact be created or destroyed. Yes. At every point in the discharge of our daily roles in our workplaces, we are either […]

If you haven’t met with yourself first, then let’s not meet2018-02-28T17:39:32+01:00

Peripheral opponents and the real enemy


“My boss is not cooperative, that’s why I’m not giving my best on the job”.

“I don’t have an office yet, so I can’t start the business”.

“My job takes my time, that’s why I haven’t written the book that I have been wanting to”.

“My kids and spouse keeps getting on my way, every time I attempt […]

Peripheral opponents and the real enemy2018-02-27T12:24:18+01:00

“What do you do?”


I’m guessing that every one of us have been asked this question at one time or the other. When we meet someone for the first time, after requesting the names of one other and exchanging pleasantries, this question follows almost naturally.

Now, you, what do you do? I can almost hear you say, I am an […]

“What do you do?”2019-01-23T17:06:42+01:00

Mediocrity does not scale


Sherwin Rosen (an American labour economist), through his ground-breaking paper – the Economics of Superstars, made an interesting and insightful submission on the importance of having quality talents in a team; whether within an organization, a sports group, association, movement or government. To say it in his words, “hearing a succession of mediocre singers does not […]

Mediocrity does not scale2019-01-23T17:52:45+01:00

Your breaking point


Everybody has one.

It is the threshold level at which we throw caution to the winds. The point at which we can no longer show restraint. Our self-control cracks and we give in to the pressure.

It is the point at which someone is forced to make a statement like, ‘whatever wants to happen should happen’. Sounds […]

Your breaking point2018-02-24T13:22:26+01:00

Hit the buzzer first


I know you aren’t too sure, but you know what, just get into the ring. Take the plunge first and flow along. Play with the uncertainty. Dance with the fear.

Look, more often than not, everyone is often merely making an attempt. In fact, in today’s ever-changing world, nobody actually knows for sure and there’s increasingly […]

Hit the buzzer first2018-02-23T21:23:52+01:00

Fifty shades of wisdom: the week after


Hi there,

Hope your day went well?

It’s just over a week now, that my book, fifty shades of wisdom was released to the public and excitingly, it currently has over two hundred downloads and the feedback have been very encouraging.

Have you had the time to go through it? ‎If you haven’t, it’s fine. We can […]

Fifty shades of wisdom: the week after2018-02-22T22:04:09+01:00

Take a step


The door is closed. But maybe it is not locked, so, approach it. Take courage. Knock.

If no one opens for you (because usually they don’t), open it & go in. If you encounter some resistance, force your way through. It is the same reason nobody gives you responsibility but you take it.

And maybe this is […]

Take a step2018-02-15T21:10:34+01:00

My Valentine’s Gift To You: 50 Shades of Wisdom


As Promised….it is finally out. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!


Exactly 50 days ago, I mentioned that I was embarking on a sprint, codenamed project 50/50 – to put together some of the finest lessons I had garnered over the last few years from my interactions with the wisest man that ever lived. […]

My Valentine’s Gift To You: 50 Shades of Wisdom2018-04-16T18:22:15+02:00

My thoughts on “Valentine’s day”


First, I should say a happy valentine’s day to you and I hope you are having a good one.

I would like to share a train of thoughts as we mark this day and this is especially for today’s young people. I think it is important to understand that, love, though a common denominator is never […]

My thoughts on “Valentine’s day”2018-02-14T19:10:29+01:00
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