The Pledge


For those who enter into any form of partnership whether in business, marriage or whatever contraption, it is important to understand that the spirit behind such agreement holds far more powers than the letters as may be captured in any written document. The truth is that, the legal system may be somewhat handicapped to deliver […]

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The thing about emotional labour


Emotional labour is about making connections, about stretching beyond your comfort zone, being vulnerable, being creative at what you do. And sometimes to be unafraid to fail.

It is a deeper call on your individuality than mental labour because it pushes you to add passion to your expressions…and the good thing is, it scales, “in that […]

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The learning posture


You may not like your teachers (and infact you really do not need to) but you must learn to embrace their lessons. Mostly those you will need in life. And it turns out that we often don’t know which we will need later in our lives.

So, it makes sense to stay teachable; it makes sense […]

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Managing Energy


As I grow older, I am learning that energy is really finite and that it is a fading quality.

Every day, I remind myself that I cannot do everything and that I must deploy my energy with caution. If I must experiment, I must be strategic about it.

Going, going, gone…that’s how life ends without an opportunity […]

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Two sides to our humanity


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  1. Once we share in a potential for a kind of frailty, we lose the authority to judge & accuse others for the same and that’s why in the real conversation, only God can be judge. Our ‘superior’ standing most atimes is quite frankly a product […]
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Localizing Impact


Talking about the idea of ‘changing the world’…the thing is, we are currently about 7 billion plus people and you can’t be sure to meet a thousandth of them in your lifetime.

Not even a millionth of them (for some people). But you can commit to being a blessing to everyone you meet, wherever you go. […]

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Valorizing your work


It’s okay to be generous with your work….and to put the experience and impact first above other considerations. But the challenge is that you may not be sustainable with that kind of approach.

And sadly also, you may not be able to scale your level of impact.

The thing is, valorizing your work by putting a price […]

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