Everything you ever wanted in life is within reach


Yesterday, I spoke about the spark the inspiration that leads to amazing inventions and innovations…that leads to ground-breaking ideas, services, and products. It’s the way every great thing that we see in our world, starts.

Now, another thing that is worth mentioning is that, all we will ever need in life is always within reach. They […]

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The Spark


I’m guessing that you have experienced this at one time or another: it’s what we often call…the aha or eureka moment, the “wait a minute” moment….. Sometimes, we intentionally work towards it, at other times, it is serendipitous.

Small flashes of inspiration. Fleeting whispers of thought; the dots connect and boom….a bulb lights in your head.

It’s […]

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Finding your voice in a sea of noise


You know, over a hundred billion people have ever lived and no generation has been as cluttered as ours. To say that the noise in our world from all the information overload is more than heavy metal sound will be to put it mildly. Everybody is talking and talking has never been easier and cheaper…with a […]

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Are you adding to us or taking away from us?


Today’s economy is organized around the exchange of goods and services, and that’s how value is created and communicated a lot of times.

Now, there is a reason it’s called good and service. Take it literally: Good means good and service means service (in every sense of both words). They are not pseudonyms or afterthoughts. And it’s not […]

Are you adding to us or taking away from us?2018-03-27T23:26:49+02:00

Ship and learn


Here’s the converse: don’t ship until perfect. You are familiar with this, because it is the trap many people fall into…and unsurprisingly, that’s why the majority aren’t getting things done. They wait for the perfect product, service….perfect time and even perfect weather. But there is no such thing. Perfection is a myth.

Look, everything that gets […]

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Take it down


Agreed, you have spent quality man-hours to design the product…it is beautiful! People love it and you love it also. It’s a clear statement of your expertise; a signature of your reputation. Well-done. Kudos!

But, you know what, aesthetic is not a key functionality for most people as much as fitness-for-purpose. That’s how we define quality these days, so, […]

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I’m guessing you have used the word provision in your communications — either written or spoken, at one point or another. There is the general sense of the word, which we all conversant with; but there is also another meaning which can give us a more insightful perspective.

The word provision can be split as: pro and vision…and pro is […]


Scarcity and Hoarding


In a physical economy, scarcity is the fundamental driver of value, such that, the rarer a commodity or service, the more valuable it is. That’s what gives gold its worth. And it is how the forces of demand and supply play a role in price determination. When the demand for a good is high and […]

Scarcity and Hoarding2018-03-21T23:33:25+01:00
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