Your theory


When she isn’t taking my call or replying my SMS, then she must be angry.

When he isn’t talking (when I want him to), then he is looking for a fight.

When that company isn’t acknowledging or replying my email, then they don’t want me.

These are typical examples of what we often tell ourselves; they are the […]

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Attention residue (and the myth of multi-tasking)


We have established that attention is the most valuable form of resource in the 21st century. Now let’s take it a bit further.

According to the science of workplace productivity, the ability to multi-task (in today’s time crunched world) is not so much a leverage as much as it is a cog in the […]

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What’s (not) happening?


First, the usual narrative: what’s happening?

  • The Syrian war which started in 2011 is still on-going and many people including women are children are being killed daily;
  • The world is still keeping tab with North Korea and hoping that they do not make good of their threat to launch a nuclear attack;
  • BokoHaram and Al-Shabaab are kidnapping girls […]
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Attention economics (and how it affects you)


To succeed in the academia, demands two forms of enrollment – first, we are required to pay our tuition fee and secondly, we are required to pay attention all through the learning period. It’s a sine qua non.

Welcome to the new world.

Now, may I inform you that precious metals like Gold and Diamond are no more the […]

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What it means to be truly alive


To be alive means a whole lot than to be merely strutting around or adding up to the numbers every census. To be alive goes beyond the routine cycle of eating and excreting or breathing-in and breathing-out (plants and animals do that effortlessly).

To be truly alive is to be making contributions enough to be noticed […]

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The Warped Mind


American Psychologist, Adam Grant in his book, Originals, spoke about the need to encourage originality of ideas, and how our world should be more accommodating of people who differ in point of views, as a way of fostering creativity and innovation. His manifesto is very convincing in my opinion.

However, there is the flip-side: how do we […]

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Over the last couple of centuries, our world has seen different economic eras: there was the Agriculture revolution on which the cradle of civilization was built, then we witnessed the Industrial revolution that saw the rise of major world powers and then we had the post-industrial revolution that heralded the information or digital economy. Today, […]


One story at a time

  • Once people see you, they decide in an instant whether to hear you or not. (Social scientists have proven this from loads of researches and I’m guessing you can relate very well with it).
  • In the science of communication, a larger part of our message is conveyed by our body language: 7% words, 38% voice tone […]
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The difference between a Manager and a Leader


Managers produce widgets; leaders make change.

Managers are microscopic in their view; leaders see the big picture.

Managers seek to score goals; leaders seek to win.

Managers manage with knowledge; leaders lead with imagination.

Managers have employees; leaders have followers (followers that are not just willing but are also eager).

Managers pursue efficiency (they do the job right); Leaders seek growth […]

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Take the follow


Winston Churchill once said that it takes courage to stand up and speak as well as to sit and listen. Nothing could have been truer.

Every once in a while, we like to be on the spotlight…we like to sound like the smartest in the room. It’s very tempting. But here’s the thing, it sometimes make […]

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