Opinions are cheap


They are a dime a dozen. ‎

You really don’t need an education or a degree to have an opinion; you just need to be born…to add numbers to your age. It’s a gift of nature and a human right. …in fact, just any drifter can have one.

An opinion is more like a point of view […]

Opinions are cheap2018-04-28T22:24:36+02:00

Peaks and Troughs


A couple of hours ago I had a chance to look at the backend of my blog and saw the traffic hits over the last couple of days. I observed a rather fascinating trend which appeared somewhat like an undulating sine wave with peak and trough points at different times. Peak points depicting high numbers […]

Peaks and Troughs2018-04-28T01:43:05+02:00

The gap between looking and seeing


You are probably conversant with the statement: everybody looks but not everyone sees. But why is this so, you may ask? The reason is because seeing is both a science as well as an art.

Come with me, let me tell you more.

From physiological biology, we understand that, humans see with the brain and not with the eyes, […]

The gap between looking and seeing2018-04-26T21:39:19+02:00

Early and on time


Some people like to go fast. For them, it’s okay to arrive just on time for the meeting even if it means they have to drive at top speed. It’s cool to barely catch-up with the flight before it takes off. The anxiety and the adrenaline that comes with the urgency is fun.

But you don’t […]

Early and on time2018-04-25T19:58:08+02:00

The Perspective Gap


Growing up, I remember taking Fine Art lessons in high school and on a particular day, we had a class on Perspective drawing. Our teacher used a stone, a small tree and a miniature house as the reference objects and placed them on a table in front of all of us and we were all […]

The Perspective Gap2018-04-24T21:11:12+02:00

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us


When we attend a seminar or a presentation and the speaker appears to be riffing about a subject he is not grounded in, we will know. (Even a smart teenager can tell the difference between an inspiring talk and a pedestrian one).

When people make the choice to sit and to listen to what you have […]

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us2018-04-27T16:39:42+02:00

Earning the right to lead: a downside


The common narrative: “People need to have succeeded practically in a particular field before they qualify to speak or lead in that area”. Yes, it’s a valid point….but, to an extent.

Now, here’s what I mean, I have discovered that many people who are smart enough to contribute at a level often draw back because they […]

Earning the right to lead: a downside2019-01-23T17:58:13+01:00

“I did exactly what I was told to do”


…anybody can make such kind of statement but not you. Yes, not you!

Now, I’m guessing you are aware that recent developments in science and technology has made (or is making) humans (and the jobs we do) really endangered. It is no longer news that advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics are bringing new levels of […]

“I did exactly what I was told to do”2018-04-19T16:49:07+02:00
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