The upside of friend-zoning


In popular culture, there is a thing called friend-zoning, and it is a situation in which a party in a shared relationship develops more intense feeling for the other and wants to be “more than friends” with the other party. Or it’s a situation in which one party, in an intimate relationship, suddenly decides to […]

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The Default and the Intentional Life


In life, the order of growth for the most people is usually like this: birth, add numbers to age (year after year), begin elementary school, hit puberty, begin to get attracted to the opposite sex, become 18 (or thereabout), go to the university, graduate from school, seek a job, get a car, get married, have children, […]

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The thing about small beginnings


Very often, many individuals who end up big, started off from lowly positions at some point in‎ their lives. By intention, sacrifice, strategic deployment of energy, right positioning and by showing up day after day, they have managed to negotiate their way to the top. Some, under a short time, while some others often seem […]

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Communicating and connecting


I’m guessing that at one point or the other you probably have had the misfortune of listening to an uninspiring speech. The kind where the speaker picks the mic, hides behind the lectern, throws around a couple of professional jargons with the hope that he gets to make an impression. One where the speaker says […]

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We can see you


When someone is doing something that he isn’t so proud of, he hides. He does it in secret and if possible, under the cover of darkness, because, in his mind, “everybody is watching”.

But when he is doing something that makes a difference in people’s lives, something that creates human flourishing, something noble & meaningful; when […]

We can see you2018-05-28T02:34:03+02:00

Your Part


Accidents happen every time. And everywhere.

Right now, someone somewhere just got knocked down by a car. Someone’s car just got hit from behind by another vehicle. Some events (like this) just cannot be effaced from our societies and it often looks like there is an invisible hand of fate orchestrating these occurrences.

But, maybe you can […]

Your Part2018-05-25T21:54:29+02:00

This thing called Genius


You know, over the years, we have been sold the idea that some humans are specially made. That God carefully and exclusively created them on the ‘seventh day’, (after He had fully rested), and branded them, Limited Edition(LE). We have been sold the idea that there are some exceptional beings on the planet and they are the […]

This thing called Genius2019-01-23T16:28:42+01:00
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