Show up


…again and again, otherwise we may not know you are there. Don’t hope we will find you but do your best to ensure that we see you in more places than normal, and with better impressions every day.

Interrupt us, but don’t shout at us. Make sure that you are always generous with your value offerings.

Do […]

Show up2018-06-27T17:28:43+02:00

Real-world feedback


That’s what you get when you truly really make up your mind to level-up. And one thing about this kind of feedback is that it hurts, more often than not. Real-world feedback is not nice. It doesn’t look at your face. It doesn’t play the emotional card. It’s always objective.

If you want your idea to […]

Real-world feedback2018-06-22T18:59:05+02:00

The Butterfly effect


It happens that in life, there’s just no such thing as an isolated action. And whether we agree or not, whatever we do or don’t do, somehow has the potential to affect someone else at a corner of the world.

It’s the idea of the butterfly effect: the science that says that, the flap of the […]

The Butterfly effect2019-01-23T18:28:52+01:00

The downside of ambition


Let’s take the upside first.

No doubt, ambition is a good thing. It is the only way we could have gotten to our present level in our socio-cultural evolution. With ambition, we have gone to space. We have invented mobile telephony, merchant banking, internet technology, e-commerce, organized philanthropy, renewable energy, social entrepreneurship et cetera. Today, we […]

The downside of ambition2018-06-19T21:26:05+02:00

Two kinds of robbers


There is the common one that we are mostly familiar with: a guy/team of guys with AK 47 assault rifles, storms a facility and forcefully cart away with valuables. Some days, it’s a big heist, at some other days (most commonly), merely a sizeable portion — limited by what is stored up in the vaults.

But […]

Two kinds of robbers2018-06-18T22:27:38+02:00

A race or a journey


You know, society works very hard to put us all under constant tension. The tension that, there are people to catch up with and that there are some other people trying to catch up with us. It is the reason why a lot of us are stressed out.

We have fallen into a trap, without even […]

A race or a journey2019-01-23T16:43:17+01:00

This is life


At least, medical science tells us that this is how life looks like and I’m sure that when they run that machine through your body system or that of your loved ones, this waveform is what you will like to see. Something that looks more sinusoidal than a straight line. Laced with ups and downs […]

This is life2018-06-16T18:30:16+02:00

The creative zone


…is not so much a place as much as it is an environment. An environment of an intangible kind; not necessarily a physical location.

It’s a room – a power room where inspiration meets perspiration and a ‘baby’ gets born. It’s what we call brain children. The kind that births in time, and also out of […]

The creative zone2018-06-16T13:54:57+02:00
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