Torrents are made of drips


You want to know the power of water seeps? Just observe a leaking engineering structure and what it turns out to after a while. That’s if you still find it standing. Now, something comes to mind and it is the quality of perseverance – the force that gets water to break through a rock.

And the […]

Torrents are made of drips2019-04-13T21:38:48+02:00

Your money or your life


This is not a scene in an action movie or the words of an armed robber. No. It’s a real question….and it is directed at you and I. You and I, because, more often than not & at every point of our adulthood, we get to choose between money and life; between making a living […]

Your money or your life2018-07-30T21:54:45+02:00

“…the best in town”


That’s free to say. Everyone has the right to have an elevated perception of who they are or the work they do (moreso, if you don’t root for yourself, who will?).

You have the right to claim to be the best in your field…if you say so, no one is going to arrest you. After all, […]

“…the best in town”2019-01-23T18:43:43+01:00

Something to learn from ball Jugglers


I’m guessing you have seen live or on TV, people who do this kind of sport. Sometimes, they do it with so much flair that we mistake them for magicians. The throwing and catching happens so synchronously that it becomes much of a delight to watch. And a little secret to this art is that if […]

Something to learn from ball Jugglers2019-01-23T17:25:20+01:00

Self-led armies


In the animal kingdom, am not sure there is a thing as the ‘king of the ants’. But inspite of this, they are about the most organized creature on the planet. Ants have no king….they merely tribe up, organize themselves and make a kind of progress with the pressure that comes from the culture they […]

Self-led armies2019-01-23T18:45:29+01:00

Thoughtful feedback


Many people can tell the difference between a mere response and a thoughtful one. And a lot of times it matters. It matters to the those, both in and out of the world you know and own.

That emotional labour to be generous and empathetic in the way we offer feedback is very important, most especially […]

Thoughtful feedback2018-07-26T22:08:54+02:00

The fear of shame (and its costs)


Two things: there is shame and there is the fear of shame. While shame is a lesser vice, the fear of shame is more lethal.

For what it is, shame is often neutral and it is the victims who get to make the interpretations they choose to make. That’s why, a similar incident can happen to […]

The fear of shame (and its costs)2018-07-25T22:16:57+02:00

What to do when your best isn’t good enough


First, take delight and fullfilment in the fact that you are doing your best. It’s very important.

The next step is to then stretch yourself enough to even determine what is required of you in the firstplace. If your journey requires you to do a 120kmph inorder to achieve a particular destiny milestone, in time, it […]

What to do when your best isn’t good enough2018-07-23T20:50:14+02:00

What do successful people have in common?


….they all make change happen! Positive change across different facet of society.

They all do not necessarily make tons of money, even though society brazenly runs a conspiracy that assumes so.

I do think that the idea of success is very relative and I find it troubling when pundits and media people do vertical rankings on society’s […]

What do successful people have in common?2018-07-22T18:36:37+02:00

Airplane Mode


People indulge in a number of activities when they are airborne. Usually, and for the discerning, that’s like the only time or block of time when they are cut off from the world they know and they get to find true and deep focus. It’s the time when their phone isn’t buzzing — you can’t […]

Airplane Mode2018-07-20T21:09:33+02:00
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