The fear of shame


There is legitimate fear – it is what you feel when a car almost knocks you down or when you are just by the edge of a pool (and you know you cannot swim).

But there is also another kind of fear which some of us often experience. For example a student who is afraid of […]

The fear of shame2019-01-24T18:16:21+01:00

The difference between excellence and perfection


I know you like things to be perfect and not lacking anything.

You often feel this way when you want to send that email, or are just about to submit that proposal. Have you also observed that this attitude is the reason why you are not getting much done? The English dictionary calls it, Atelophobia: the […]

The difference between excellence and perfection2018-08-30T22:27:20+02:00

The good rebel


You know, the world’s system works overtime to get us to conform. To lead us down a path we really do not wish to go and to choose a life that’s normal, average and ordinary.

It’s probably harder to live intentionally today than it was 50 years ago, the pressure has never been so much. Today’s […]

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Take the dross off the silver


In the craft of metalsmithing, it is almost impossible for the metalsmith to forge an object into shape as long as it contains an amount of dross. Once the metal still contains some impurities, it never really gets to take the shape that is intended.

It is the same with words.

If you don’t do the emotional […]

Take the dross off the silver2018-08-25T22:34:25+02:00

Nature and nurture


Nature is the instruction in our genes, our DNA, the thing that is in our natural wiring. Nurture on the other hand is different. It is all of the education we receive as we grow up – both formal and informal.

Now, there has been a lot of debate about the power of Nature and Nurture, […]

Nature and nurture2018-08-23T22:46:14+02:00

The unstrung bow


We no longer use bows and arrows today, but there’s something we can still learn from this tool and its use. Now, let me tell you a story: according to a Greek legend in ancient Athens, a man noticed the great storyteller Aesop playing childish games with some little boys. He laughed and jeered at […]

The unstrung bow2018-08-22T22:10:16+02:00

How to do the work


First, start by identifying the major obstacle that is holding you back — don’t assume but think deeply about it. Find it out. Pin it down.

Usually for me and I assume that for most people whose work involves some form of Art, the main challenge isn’t the work itself as much as it is the […]

How to do the work2019-04-13T21:59:13+02:00

What’s your track?


You see, in this life, there are no sudden successes. There is just no such thing as an overnight success. Personally, I like to think that if there was anything like an overnight success, then we are probably referring to people who kept showing up both day and night, nights that ran into years; years […]

What’s your track?2019-04-13T21:53:00+02:00

Be kind to yourself


You know, all our lives, we are taught to be kind to others, to be generous and to show some love. But, somehow most of the culture shapers in our society – both individuals and institutions don’t often talk about the need to do this from the inside-out. Which is in fact the sustainable way.

The […]

Be kind to yourself2019-01-23T18:25:01+01:00

Too close to see


In medicine, there is a thing called Hypermetropia — a disease condition of the eye where someone sees objects that are afar of but he’s not able to clearly see what’s near.

Now, the thing is, we can use this as a metaphor for the kind of culture that many people have come to adopt in […]

Too close to see2018-08-18T22:39:52+02:00
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