Tariki and Jiriki


In the Japanese language, Tariki is a word for waiting to be helped. For putting your life and your deserved experiences in the hands of others. For assuming […]

Tariki and Jiriki2019-04-19T11:25:49+02:00

Failure is an event (not a person)


There aren’t very many forces in this life that influence and shape our realities like the words of our mouth. And this is true, whether we look at it from […]

Failure is an event (not a person)2019-04-19T11:22:52+02:00

The thing about waiting for Inspiration


A friend sent this question after my post two days ago: “I am very passionate about music and I tried writing a couple of songs, but I don’t get to […]

The thing about waiting for Inspiration2019-04-19T10:57:22+02:00

The Cog and the Linchpin


The cog is the one who does what he is told. Follows the map. Never takes initiative. Always reacts to what others initiates. Hides perpetually behind his cubicle on the office floor. Follows strictly what […]

The Cog and the Linchpin2019-04-19T10:52:00+02:00

When you want to embark on a creative venture


…begin with a step at a time; otherwise, you will give in to the resistance.

The painter starts with a stroke of the brush. The writer starts with a word and then another. And then […]

When you want to embark on a creative venture2019-04-19T10:50:17+02:00

One other way to identify your life’s work


There’s the common way: they say it is the kind of activity you love doing so much that you will be ready to engage in, even when you won’t be paid – you can […]

One other way to identify your life’s work2019-04-19T10:46:46+02:00

Now is on-time


It has been said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the next best time is now. Today. This very moment.

It is very tempting […]

Now is on-time2019-04-13T22:53:13+02:00

The burden of doing the work that might not work


….that’s probably the best way to define Emotional labour. It is the labour of keeping yourself in the ring and of convincing yourself enough to keep the grind going. […]

The burden of doing the work that might not work2019-04-13T22:51:20+02:00
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