The right to vary


…is a human right.

And we owe the people that we share a relationship with, the freedom to differ in opinion. All people. In […]

The right to vary2019-04-13T22:39:28+02:00

The problem with trying to fit in


….is that you will turn out like everybody else. And might not matter much in the scheme of things.

The way it works is that, at every point in time, […]

The problem with trying to fit in2019-04-13T22:38:08+02:00

When in doubt, err on the side of courtesy


Sometimes, it’s tempting to get used to favours and to become too familiar with the individuals offering them, such that you deprive them of the honour and acknowledgment that […]

When in doubt, err on the side of courtesy2019-04-13T22:35:34+02:00

The right to life


There is just no such thing. No matter who we are or what we may represent to our friends and family, we cannot be qualified enough to be alive. We can only be privileged […]

The right to life2019-04-13T22:28:11+02:00

Two kinds of gap


The first one is not as huge – it’s the gap between ignorance and knowledge. (Many people are stuck there actually, and that’s sad).

Second gap is that between knowledge and action. This one is huge and big. And it […]

Two kinds of gap2019-04-13T22:26:35+02:00

You may be wrong


You aren’t infallible and no one is. Your assumptions may be faulty. Your context may be fractured. Your worldview may have been tampered with. Your facts may be incomplete.

And it helps to always be conscious of this.

When you […]

You may be wrong2019-04-13T22:23:40+02:00

Going, going, gone.


That’s how life happens.

Before you know what to call it, you are already neck deep in it. This is life. And it’s your own. So _own_ it. It’s tempting to always want to give away that control, but don’t. No matter […]

Going, going, gone.2019-04-13T22:19:32+02:00

Who should be in the room?


If you have 2 persons in a room, they will only do 1 handshake to get on. If you add one more person, the 3 of them will do 3 different handshakes. 4 people will do 6. 5 people will do 10 and so on. Social scientist calls it the handshake theory – every extra […]

Who should be in the room?2019-04-13T22:16:36+02:00

Smallest Viable Audience


In the science of innovation, there’s a thing called the Minimum viable product (MVP), i.e. a product level with just enough features to satisfy a few early customers – usually not intended for the entire market.

It turns out that in social science, there is also a corollary called the Smallest viable audience and it is […]

Smallest Viable Audience2019-04-13T22:13:56+02:00
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