Time is a key factor of production


Someone has said that you can acquire more money in life, but you cannot acquire more time and it turns out that this is one of the most […]

Time is a key factor of production2019-04-20T17:41:02+02:00

If you want to do it, then do it.


…you don’t need more time.

You don’t need a boss or a better tool. (Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t need Photoshop or Artweaver to […]

If you want to do it, then do it.2019-04-20T17:37:16+02:00

Winning is overrated


…because often times it requires others to lose. And that’s not the point. The point is not for others to lose for you to win. Rather, the point […]

Winning is overrated2019-04-20T17:33:46+02:00

Take your work seriously (not personally)


You know, there’s a difference between the “deal is being lost” and “I’m losing the deal”. While one is objective the other is not. One speaks of what is going wrong while the other speaks of who’s going wrong. And that’s not the best way to engage with life.

I’m not sure that anybody can go […]

Take your work seriously (not personally)2019-04-20T17:28:29+02:00

Ready and prepared


While there is a gross similarity between both words, there is yet a fine difference between being ready and being prepared, in terms of timing and expectations.

Now, you are probably more prepared than you realize for that big step that you want to take in your life. You may not be ready, and you really […]

Ready and prepared2019-04-20T17:25:30+02:00

The cost of being wrong


….is (often) less than the cost of doing nothing.


Only that most people don’t get to realize this until they are approaching the departure lounge of life. If they […]

The cost of being wrong2019-04-20T17:12:58+02:00

Childlike and childish


When we are not taking things too personal, when we choose to forgive and forget (at the speed of a fault), we are being childlike.

When we keep a […]

Childlike and childish2019-04-20T17:08:27+02:00

Begin with a literature review


Want to promote an idea, push forward an initiative or start a new business?

Then check first, who’s doing what. What are they doing and what are they not […]

Begin with a literature review2019-04-20T16:57:06+02:00

Producers, consumers and prosumers


You know, we live in the information age and never in our history has there been a gamut of information produced on a daily basis as it is […]

Producers, consumers and prosumers2019-04-20T16:52:47+02:00

Nothing succeeds like Success


You probably have heard many quotes which were purported to have been said by the genius Albert Einstein. Actually, it has been unraveled that he said far less […]

Nothing succeeds like Success2019-04-19T11:36:36+02:00
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