Steal ideas and improve on them


Yes, steal ideas if that’s the option you have. Nobody is saying you must come up with a ‘new’ idea before we can offer you the reward you deserve.

See, there […]

Steal ideas and improve on them2019-05-02T06:54:16+02:00

Think about your thoughts


Yes, make the effort to sometimes think about what you are thinking. Make the effort to pin it down, no matter how slippery it may be. That’s the first step […]

Think about your thoughts2019-05-02T06:50:30+02:00

Who will speak first?


“Who is going to break the ice?”

“Who is going to help us negotiate a way out of the dip?”. Do this kind of thoughts sound familiar?

I’m guessing that you […]

Who will speak first?2019-05-02T06:48:02+02:00

Happy new week


27 days ago, ‘happy new year’ was in the air, but now the vibe is over. The buzz around the New Year is almost completely lost.

The race of 2019 […]

Happy new week2019-05-02T06:44:46+02:00

What you are not.


That’s a good formula to adopt in the quest to discover your purpose and identity. I think it works. The point at which we start to pin down the […]

What you are not.2019-05-02T06:39:05+02:00

All the things that can go right.


I know you are used to the converse. We all, have been naturally wired to predominantly think only about the things that can go wrong, whenever we seek to […]

All the things that can go right.2019-05-02T06:34:45+02:00

How do you serve humanity?


That’s probably the best way to ask someone, what s/he does for a living.

But it turns out many people will often answer this question with how they give back […]

How do you serve humanity?2019-05-02T06:29:31+02:00

Who’s coming up with the lousy ideas?


Every working team needs that sort of person. Someone who’s always suggesting the kind of ideas that might not work; ideas that can change the status quo (both […]

Who’s coming up with the lousy ideas?2019-05-02T06:27:10+02:00
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