Things happen


You will sometimes make lousy decisions. You will drop the ball in unexplainable ways. Sometimes, you will literally shock yourself.

But, it helps to not be overly hard on yourself, mostly, […]

Things happen2019-06-12T12:10:52+02:00

Better Instincts


As humans, there are many things we do instinctively – procreation and survival for example. When a baby needs to feed, s/he doesn’t need any kind of formal education to […]

Better Instincts2019-06-12T12:08:31+02:00

Negotiating your survival


You know, we used to live in the jungle before civilization began to take form and we started to build and occupy cities. The first man was a caveman and […]

Negotiating your survival2019-06-12T12:05:13+02:00

I don’t care


That’s what many of us often mean a lot of times, that we aren’t saying.

When you share a news item without verifying the authenticity, you do not care.

When as a […]

I don’t care2019-05-15T18:03:52+02:00

The fundamentalist and the curious: two manifestoes


The fundamentalist checks first whether a fact is acceptable to his beliefs before he considers it.

The curious explore first before deciding or considering to accept the results. He embraces the […]

The fundamentalist and the curious: two manifestoes2019-05-06T06:34:41+02:00

The thing on the other side of the cliff.


I might not be able to tell you for sure that if you take the leap, you will discover something really worthwhile on the other side but I’m guessing that […]

The thing on the other side of the cliff.2019-05-06T06:32:16+02:00

The best way to grow your ideas is to share them


From traditional folklore, we understand that the chief cause of communal wars in the olden days often stem from scarcity of resources within an ecosystem. When two communities have to […]

The best way to grow your ideas is to share them2019-05-06T06:28:44+02:00

The comfort and safety zone


It used to be that our comfort and safety zones were in perfect alignment and actually, there wasn’t any gap between both experiences. The way it works is that, over […]

The comfort and safety zone2019-05-06T06:26:09+02:00

Once you send it, you cannot unsend it


What that means is that once you send it, you have just set yourself up. You have put yourself in the line of a miracle. You have opted to get […]

Once you send it, you cannot unsend it2019-05-06T06:23:07+02:00

Own your story, tell your story


No matter how much you wish someone else’s story was yours, no matter how much you wish your story was as endearing as other’s, as fitting and suspense-filled as theirs, […]

Own your story, tell your story2019-05-06T06:19:03+02:00
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