“Proud to belong”


I see this around on bill-boards – a publicity campaign for a particular eyewear brand.

Without a doubt, this speaks to our sentiments and innate desire to associate with an idea […]

“Proud to belong”2019-04-30T12:43:56+02:00

The price and the glory.


You know, everybody likes greatness, no matter what they say. It’s only that the sacrifice and the demands is what scares them. That’s the truth. There’s nobody on the planet […]

The price and the glory.2019-04-30T10:10:22+02:00

The real take-home.


…is not the paycheck that you are given at the end of every month but rather, what you become as a result of the work you do daily. It is […]

The real take-home.2019-04-29T11:51:37+02:00

Plant a tree before you need the shade


If you wait until the point of need, then it’s too late. Whatever it is worth, having a keen grasp of the importance of times and seasons and knowing how […]

Plant a tree before you need the shade2019-04-28T12:28:35+02:00

Negative and positive clickbaits


Every day, there is a huge demand on our emotional energy – positive and negative. More than we can actually respond to in a short time.

The news managers and marketers […]

Negative and positive clickbaits2019-04-27T14:21:11+02:00

Why not simulate it first?


Projects are tricky, already.

It’s hard to keep a project in time, under budget and compliant with spec all at the same time. Tough. While you can envisage some known risks, […]

Why not simulate it first?2019-04-26T08:44:48+02:00

Red means stop and green means go


…and it is so everywhere in the world. My opinion doesn’t count as well as yours. It is the truth we have come to accept. A way to negotiate our […]

Red means stop and green means go2019-04-25T08:48:00+02:00

Who claps first?


Part of the works of the renowned physicist Isaac Newton, was the 1st law of thermodynamics, which says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be […]

Who claps first?2019-04-24T12:27:00+02:00

Are you motivated?


Humans are objects of emotions. Like gas to an automobile, emotions drive us. More than what we think, we are easily propelled into action by our feelings. Good or bad.

We […]

Are you motivated?2019-04-23T10:54:09+02:00

Your family and the family


Imagine a world where we treated others like we treated our own relatives?

Think about how much of a difference it will make if we wanted the good of everyone we […]

Your family and the family2019-04-22T12:38:48+02:00
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