Perfection is not the point


…it is progressive improvement that is the real deal.

You know, a lot of times, people confuse the quest to get better with the pursuit of perfection – they are not the same thing.

Whether you know it or not, perfection will always elude us as mortals. No matter how much we strive for it, it will […]

Perfection is not the point2019-05-31T19:40:16+02:00

Strategy versus tactics.


A lot of times we confuse both. Tactics is not the same as strategy. Normally, it’s strategy first, and that should then inform what our tactics will be. If you put many efforts on executing tactics on a wrong strategy, it will fail.

And that’s the jobs CEOs do…you have to ensure that you are making […]

Strategy versus tactics.2019-05-21T09:35:06+02:00

You don’t need a slack.


A slack is a safety zone, a place to ‘hide’ and an escape therapy for living a sub-optimal life. Some organizations by virtue of their structure have lots of it while many others don’t as there is a constant flux of engagement and interactivity amongst the team.

If you are gunning for the infinite game than […]

You don’t need a slack.2019-05-21T09:21:35+02:00

The upside to being absent minded


….is that it gives you a chance to do important work. And to find a level of focus and concentration.

There are a number of people who claim to be able to multitask. But again, I’m not sure that any human can really do two things well at the same time, mostly when the tasks require […]

The upside to being absent minded2019-05-18T09:45:59+02:00

“The dead don’t die.”


They can’t be scared nor threatened by death (nor any of its allies). And it turns out that at a level, we have got to decide what we will be dead to, so as to experience life at its best.

If you choose to live a life of purpose, you have automatically decided to walk the […]

“The dead don’t die.”2019-05-17T11:10:10+02:00

Perspective Gap: for spouses and co-founders


You know, it takes quite an effort to see things from the point of view of others. It takes quite an effort and this emotional labour as we know it is described as empathy. But it turns out that empathy is easier expected than demonstrated. We naturally expect others to see things from our standpoint […]

Perspective Gap: for spouses and co-founders2019-05-16T08:43:03+02:00

Work is not a place


I’m sure that over the course of your life, you’ve either heard someone say that they were going to work, or you have said same at some time.

If you work in a factory-like setting, you do not have too many options as you will have to commute there every day as you cannot move those […]

Work is not a place2019-05-13T09:34:15+02:00

The push that makes the difference


They say that to get an eaglet or baby eagle to learn to fly, its mother will have to push it off the nest and allow it to fall off. Otherwise, it has no chance.

It is the same for you and I. People everywhere. You cannot do anything great or become so, from your comfort […]

The push that makes the difference2019-05-12T14:56:51+02:00

Are you overly on the defensive?


I’m not so much a football fan, but as much as I know, the best teams in the world don’t go to the match to not be defeated or to not concede a goal. But to win. To score more goals than they can possibly concede from their opponents.

They are not trying to avoid failure […]

Are you overly on the defensive?2019-05-11T08:48:55+02:00

Needs and wants.


Even with all the societal and technological advancements that our world has experienced till date, I’m convinced that it is less stressful to live today than a hundred years ago. I’m not sure that any generation before ours have suffered more pressure and tension than the people of the 2000s. Little wonder that the global […]

Needs and wants.2019-05-10T12:54:02+02:00
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