Dying always happens to someone else until it doesn’t.


…until it comes to our close circle or it comes to us, we’ll never have a sense of its implications and most importantly, the sense of urgency that the living must assume.

You know, stats say that about one hundred and five (105) people die every minute around the world. As we speak, someone is drawing […]

Dying always happens to someone else until it doesn’t.2019-05-09T10:28:49+02:00

Better means change, change means risk and risk means fear.


I’m not sure there is another equation to making things better (or making better things if you like) or succeeding at just anything. Whether it is your life, if you want to make it better, you will need to manage all of these variables well. You can’t escape from it.

You can’t wish that your life […]

Better means change, change means risk and risk means fear.2019-05-08T11:10:33+02:00

“Hello world, I’m here”


You know, we are currently 7 billion plus people on the planet at the moment. It’s a huge mass.

Mass of diverse people in constant flux – moving from place to place and exchanging value along different lines. Some people get to interact locally while some others engage globally.

Some people relate with the entire world, by […]

“Hello world, I’m here”2019-05-07T12:51:05+02:00

Monk mode


“The word monk derives from the Greek word monakhos, which means alone. A monk is a person who voluntarily decides to isolate himself from mainstream society and embrace an ascetic mode of being.”

Let’s bring this home. There’s no gainsaying that the information age, as we know it today, is both a blessing and a challenge […]

Monk mode2019-05-06T08:43:46+02:00

Get out of your way


I’m yet to understand how and why it appears easier to work for others than it is to work for ourselves. Why it is easier to find focus and be productive when a job is on the line rather than when a life is on the line.

Maybe it is the sense of urgency that a […]

Get out of your way2019-05-14T08:32:57+02:00

Relevance and nuisance value


You know, there are two kinds of evil today in our world: the first is that most people who’ve something to say are hiding while those who don’t have anything valuable to contribute are shouting from rooftops.

Foolishness is reigning in our public spaces and there’s so much noise everywhere because many smart and wise individuals […]

Relevance and nuisance value2019-05-05T15:37:09+02:00

Acting your way to success


In my two decades plus years of living, I’ve not yet found a sure proof generic map that guarantees success on any path. With the complexities of the times, it’s clear that there are no watertight recipes. No secrets in facts.

But…..But. There’s one common path and that’s taking steps. Doing something. Taking action.

Moving forward by […]

Acting your way to success2019-05-04T12:40:31+02:00

The challenge with trying to be awesome


….is that you could pass off as every other thing but what you intended.

When you decide to raise your hand to speak (even when you aren’t sure), you must be […]

The challenge with trying to be awesome2019-05-03T09:10:47+02:00
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