Two kinds of mistakes


There’s the honest one, the kind that we make sincerely in a bid to do something meaningful. And in fact, there’s no way to do great things without indulging in this kind of experience. It is the way our human frailty responds when we attempt to tell our own story and give an idea of […]

Two kinds of mistakes2019-06-30T14:01:58+02:00

Passion and opportunities


There are a few points of comparisons between the two variables. Passion is an internal experience while opportunities are external. Passion is in our power to organize while opportunities are afforded us by the hand of fate.

Turns out many people often use the presence or absence of passion as a determiner of what to commit […]

Passion and opportunities2019-06-28T09:28:10+02:00

What are you willing to believe?


That’s the real question to ask people. Anything else is a waste.

There’s wisdom in seeking to know where people are coming from and what they have chosen to believe. It is a show of emotional maturity and a way to insulate yourself from unnecessary labour loss.

When you understand that people see things first not from […]

What are you willing to believe?2019-06-27T14:44:14+02:00

Go big or go home.


Someone has said that we either do great things or we do small things in a great way. How true! There is no problem with starting out on a local scale, but it is always important to keep a global view.

Start local but think global!

Seek to serve the world with what you’ve got. In this […]

Go big or go home.2019-06-26T11:15:28+02:00

Living your purpose is…GO!


There’s no right time nor the right place. Don’t wait any longer. Those who hold back their best efforts and best life under the guise of “not being sure” of their calling are making a big mistake. Sometimes, wisdom demands that you don’t wait to discover and follow your passion but you take your passion […]

Living your purpose is…GO!2019-06-24T09:25:36+02:00

Deciding and Acting.


Whether you are aware or not, the process of decision making and actual actions requires the commitment of some level of mental & emotional energy. When you engage with the incoming – for example – an email in your box or a message on your phone, you’ve got to be well aware that you have […]

Deciding and Acting.2019-06-10T19:01:35+02:00

Succeed at what you do….


…because that’s all that counts. Forget about trying to fit into society’s catalog and all of those narratives about what a professional job is and what it’s not. All of those white and blue collar pigeonholes are merely adjectives of stratification (and convenience).

Don’t let them bother you!

It matters that you have discovered and decided for […]

Succeed at what you do….2019-06-07T16:05:10+02:00

Audit your failure(s)


Some people often say that experience is the best teacher, but I’m convinced that that is not entirely correct. It’s not the full truth. Otherwise, how is it possible that an individual can lead a lifetime of one negative experience after another and pile up failures on each other?

I would rather see experience as an […]

Audit your failure(s)2019-06-06T22:25:05+02:00

The other perspective.


You know, to wear two types of shoes at the same time is not an easy thing to do – people might even mistake you for a lunatic. To create and critic your work at the same time requires a level of emotional maturity. Same with accepting criticism from others.

That attitude can only be sustained […]

The other perspective.2019-06-06T22:22:57+02:00

Don’t wait to concur


….strive to be the one who raises his hand to speak first, not the one who’s waiting to merely second what others are saying. Don’t be the one who does everything possible to hide from all forms of mental labour (the labour that is required to keep a posture of service, impact, and contribution).

Be the […]

Don’t wait to concur2019-06-06T22:21:12+02:00
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