What’s & what’s not a good use of your time


You’ve to deftly define that yourself. That choice of commitment is what we must individually make a decision about. But here’s the thing that you must know: the difference between the poor and the rich, failures and successful individuals is about how they use their time; the kind of work they exchange their time with.

What […]

What’s & what’s not a good use of your time2019-07-30T20:28:23+02:00

What do you really want to do?


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. That’s how President Abraham Lincoln communicated his idea of attaining efficiency. And it might sound unreasonable on face value, but should indeed be considered metaphorically, as a formula to engage in tackling the important problems that […]

What do you really want to do?2019-07-29T18:28:55+02:00

“The strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team”


If you can get the members of your team to understand this secret, then you would have unlocked a magic wand. That sense of power balance is the dynamic capability that most winning teams possess that others don’t – it’s the apogee of team spirit and the best perspective any group can attain.

That knowledge that […]

“The strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team”2019-07-25T10:41:03+02:00

Loss Aversion


….that’s how social scientists describe the human tendency to irrationally guard a comfort zone. That tendency to avoid any activity that has an element of risk in it, even though it promises some greater value. In lay man’s terms, “it is the reason why the emotions that surround a loss is usually more (if not […]

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Herds instinct


You know, humans are naturally creatures of instinct far more than they are rational beings. For example, when a child is born into this world, s/he doesn’t need to be taught the position of the breast of the mother for the purpose of lactation. It’s natural and instinctive.

From one species to another, there exist clear […]

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The greatest battle you have to fight


…is the battle of staying true to your ideals – both when you have little and when you have abundance. With the inherent pressures of “living in the 2000s” (online & offline), it has become a very difficult task to keep one’s sanity.

You know, even as close as 30 years ago, it was a tough […]

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Acting when you aren’t sure what to do.


I do not know of any other way to achieving anything magnificent except by taking action. It is tested and tried – an ancient landmark that was handed down to us by the folks who lived before us. They danced with the tension and managed the emotional risk of “it might work/it might not work”. […]

Acting when you aren’t sure what to do.2019-07-19T14:34:29+02:00

Shoot your shot!


I have always maintained that we live in the best of times and today’s people are about the luckiest and most fortunate humans that have walked the planet.

You know, it probably took Aristotle 50 years to reach half a million people with his ideas about philosophy. Biblical records have it that Jesus the Christ, despite […]

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The equation of unhappiness


Whether you are aware or not, unhappiness is a thing in this world. So much so that merchants of consumer goods/services are keenly aware of this void and have created a gamut of products and services, that promises to provide a shortcut to bliss.

Sometimes, although sinisterly, they can even play some part in creating the […]

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“To him who has, more shall be added”


…on face value, that’s probably one of the toughest life principles that there is. Idealist and people who advance the idea of a utopian society cannot make sense of a world, where the one who has more gets more again.

But it is life. And life is not fair neither is it subjective. Life only moves […]

“To him who has, more shall be added”2019-07-01T12:06:03+02:00