If you have nothing to say, say nothing


That’s not in any way a sign of weakness. It’s better for us to assume that you are wise than for you to speak and refute our assumption.

You know, I find it bemusing when I see videos of Journalists/interviewers who ask questions from random people on the streets and rather than for the interviewees to […]

If you have nothing to say, say nothing2019-08-31T16:21:58+02:00

The leader and his values


The most important conversation around leadership is influence – whether unto good or unto bad conscience. Influence rules! Although subtle, it is yet, powerful and real.

All of the good that the world has experienced today has come from influential leadership. Same thing with all of the evils our world has seen. Adolf Hitler was a […]

The leader and his values2019-08-30T16:20:14+02:00

Connecting the dots vs. collecting the dots


Yesterday I spoke about the need to place some emphasis on Education over Academics. We all lose when the majority of us associate reading with tests and grades. Little wonder people avoid it. They are not aware that the cram and regurgitate thing is only good for the four walls of a school, after then […]

Connecting the dots vs. collecting the dots2019-08-29T20:27:06+02:00

Working hard in school and in life


Stats says that over 60% of the people in the US don’t get to read one book completely, after school. That’s the US. Think about your country – am not sure we might hit 20%, considering our national literacy rate.

Now, that’s sad. Sad because many people act as if, life is harder within the four […]

Working hard in school and in life2019-08-27T21:23:19+02:00

The job where there’s always a vacancy


…is the one you create. That one is in endless supply. It’s not affected by government legislation or a hiring policy of an organization. It’s entirely in your hands.

You don’t apply for it neither do you wait to get picked.

You pick yourself!

There’s no unemployment in that conversation and if you call it entrepreneurship you won’t […]

The job where there’s always a vacancy2019-08-23T19:58:24+02:00

Winners curse (and the race to the bottom)


Nothing can be as frustrating as making so many compromises in a bid to achieve a feat or attain a height only to discover that it really didn’t worth the effort in the first place. It’s pure labour loss.

Social studies have proven that the practice of auctions and competitive bidding between individuals and companies often […]

Winners curse (and the race to the bottom)2019-08-22T18:49:45+02:00

Seeking a place to hide


A French social engineer, Maximilian Ringelmann conducted an experiment amongst horses and discovered something very insightful that speaks of our behavioural tendencies as humans. He attached two horses of somewhat similar strength to collectively pull a coach and then measured their relative contribution in the group as compared to how much they would individually contribute […]

Seeking a place to hide2019-08-21T20:19:37+02:00

When last did you attempt something that seemed like it might not work?


Young kids will probably do better answering this question than many adults would. And for the simple reason that: they aren’t afraid to fail. It is the way they learn to walk and talk, which is about the earliest biggest achievement of any individual. Typically, the process is tough and rough. Full of many failed […]

When last did you attempt something that seemed like it might not work?2019-08-20T12:57:50+02:00

What part will you do?


If you are asking for help with something…you have got to show that you have done a part.

For a task, stretching “A to Z”, make sure to come with at least, “A to E”. Show to us that you are as enrolled in the work as much as you are seeking of us. Show us […]

What part will you do?2019-08-02T18:25:51+02:00

“No one gets to my destination before me.”


It is common to find cars on the highway who try to outpace themselves, even when there’s just no basis for it.

Although innate & trivial (in some sense), it can be a pointer a lot of times to how we as humans always like to go ahead of our peers. How we like to keep […]

“No one gets to my destination before me.”2019-08-01T15:14:30+02:00