The urgent Vs the important


You know, the nature of social media communication – instant messaging, over the internet; communications at zero cost is setting a wrong standard in our society today. When people think they can talk to you anytime they want and from anywhere by just picking up their phones and dialing, then we have a new challenge […]

The urgent Vs the important2019-09-18T21:27:05+02:00

Your passion is the compass


It’s common place to find people (mostly young folks), who are perplexed and stressed because they are not able to clearly articulate their life’s purpose or work. And unfortunately, some even take this information gap as an opportunity to hide from giving their best to their work and leading their best lives. What a waste!

Rather […]

Your passion is the compass2019-09-17T18:39:14+02:00

The future is not a good place to live


You know, it’s okay to pay a visit to the future once a while for the purpose of envisioning it….but you shouldn’t stay stuck there and lose out on all the opportunities and pleasures of today and moment now. If you allow your mind to live in the future, you would be selling yourself short […]

The future is not a good place to live2019-09-16T20:23:41+02:00

The blessing of people


To continue from yesterday’s conversation, I do think that People are the most important asset that you can have in your “boat”, whether that boat means marriage, a company or a team of whatever type.

You are only as strong as the people on your team. No matter how good you may be, there’s only so […]

The blessing of people2019-09-13T21:19:39+02:00

A lot of times, it’s the boat you are on that matters (not your rowing ability)


Usually, it’s very tempting for successful people to attribute their success to talent, skill and hardwork. They rank their efforts as prime factor for their success. They discount the people, and the external resources of their immediate environment and how all of these contributes into making them whatever they get to become. It is small […]

A lot of times, it’s the boat you are on that matters (not your rowing ability)2019-09-12T21:38:30+02:00

Becoming an Artist (Part 2)


….another vital component in practicing Art is the Making process itself.

You know, for the fact that real Art is scary makes it scarce. It is easy to do what you did yesterday, the same way, without putting any thought into it. That’s what Robots do and they don’t get tired. And it is the way […]

Becoming an Artist (Part 2)2019-09-11T18:12:56+02:00

Becoming an Artist


Yesterday, I gave a manifesto on why we should all be Artists.

Today, I’d like to take it a notch further by sharing a few ideas on how to do Art and bring creativity to our work.

You know, someone has said that everybody looks but not everyone sees. That seeing is a unique ability that makes […]

Becoming an Artist2019-09-10T19:02:36+02:00

The artist of the 21st century


When you hear the word Artist in the past, you would probably think of a musician, dancer, poet, or painter. Usually what comes to mind is someone who makes some kind of public performance.

But that was in the past!

In 2019, Art has a new meaning. An artist is someone who brings new thinking and innovation […]

The artist of the 21st century2019-09-09T21:03:28+02:00

L’espirit de l’escalier


According to Wikipedia, that’s a French term used in English for the predicament of thinking of the perfect reply too late.

For example, you are engaged in a heated debate or argument and you only remember a perfect point of attack after the argument has finished. Or you remember a better answer that you should have […]

L’espirit de l’escalier2019-09-06T19:47:59+02:00

Emotional energy is not infinite – it’s like a battery


There are not many people who can be excited all day. It’s hard to find people who brim with smiles all the time. If you are one or you have such people in your circle, it can be such a blessing.

It is not hard to put a performance once a while, and display emotional energy […]

Emotional energy is not infinite – it’s like a battery2019-09-05T17:18:22+02:00
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