Are you selling your time for a living?


Since the advent of industrialization and capitalism, “going to work between 9-to-5” has become a norm rather than the exception. The world has been organized by these forces to become a system were individuals, exchange their time as an asset to earn a living – “you give me your most productive time-block of say, 9am-to-5pm […]

Are you selling your time for a living?2019-09-04T18:32:52+00:00

What to do and what not to do


Let’s be honest. None of us know for sure what will make us successful. In the labyrinth of life, we would not be immune from uncertainty, risk, and fear as we navigate life’s complex journey. Life will often not give us its best on a platter. It is the way it is and the way […]

What to do and what not to do2019-09-03T20:25:02+00:00

Action bias and the power of waiting


Waiting in today’s world is an unpopular thing. It takes a lot of character to wait – to take our turns in the queue and to pause for others to lead the way. Fast food stores are one of the highest revenue earning food business because people like it quick. A family or group of […]

Action bias and the power of waiting2019-09-02T17:51:19+00:00
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