A job and lifework: the opportunity cost


Economists describe opportunity cost as the worth of an alternative forgone. The value differential of choosing this over that. When you decide to take a particular career path, there are tons of other things that you can no longer get to do.

For the most, a particular job means that they can no longer build a passion or commit to a lifework that is in the line of their destiny as it were. And for many, it’s not easy to have a sense of this trade off, which in itself makes it rather unfortunate. More so if, it appears that you are succeeding in a sense. Not necessarily relative to your potentials but in comparison to what others are doing and society’s benchmarks.

It ought not to be.

A small formula: if your job has no alignment with your life’s work, you lose on the big picture. The person who wins is the one who strives to ensure that his job overlaps with his calling.

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