A lot of times, it’s the boat you are on that matters (not your rowing ability)


Usually, it’s very tempting for successful people to attribute their success to talent, skill and hardwork. They rank their efforts as prime factor for their success. They discount the people, and the external resources of their immediate environment and how all of these contributes into making them whatever they get to become. It is small thinking!

I listened to a speech some time ago, delivered by Microsoft founder and one of the richest men in the world. This was a Stanford business school lecture he delivered together with the wife, Melinda, and in that video they attributed their success in part to sheer luck. Despite all of the hardwork, skill and efforts that they had put in. You prolly only need to think of the many other failed entrepreneurs and start-ups that didn’t quite get to make it past the first two years – not necessarily because the founders were dumb but because of the absence of one or all the elements required to birth success, with some of these quite outside human control. This is true both in America and any other country in the developing world that you can think of.

While this is no excuse for failure, it matters what country you are born in – the infrastructure, environmental resources and all the leverages. It matters the kind of parents that nurtures you and the people who make up the primary custodians of your mind. It does matter. And the challenge with these variables is that you don’t get to choose all of these, a lot of times. You can’t earn it, nature only distributes as he chooses. You can develop skill overtime, but it is hard to weave together your own opportunities – they are often providentially allotted each and every one of us. Pure time and chance.

May the stars align in your favour and I wish you good luck on your journey!

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