Accept applause (whenever it is offered) but don’t expect it.


That’s probably the best thing to tell any young person that is starting out in life and in whatever field. Make them know that if they will maximize their potentials, they are supposed to serve the world with their gift without expecting an applause in return.

They should serve with intention and generosity, 100% of the time.

You know, the best gift requires little of the recipient. That’s even the nature of a gift. You give it and it leaves you truly….and you really don’t care how the recipient uses it. And again, they aren’t obligated to provide you feedback. If I give you a phone and I’m calling to check how you are using the phone and whether you are ensuring it is properly managed, then you will probably start to raise eyebrows.

Same thing with the work you do and how you use your gifts. You should do your work for what it is worth and give your best, always, without expecting a _thank you_. Do it because you are capable of doing it. Do it because you have the power to and the power does not reside in your observers and their reactions. See and cherish every moment as an opportunity to be a blessing to your fellow human.

My point is, at a level of maturity, it gets clear that nobody owes us anything. We must do what we must do — that’s what growing up means.

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