Airplane Mode


People indulge in a number of activities when they are airborne. Usually, and for the discerning, that’s like the only time or block of time when they are cut off from the world they know and they get to find true and deep focus. It’s the time when their phone isn’t buzzing — you can’t reach them and they can’t reach you. No calls, no new emails. Zilch. Nothing appears urgent and people actually get the time and liberty to really do what they like to do. And also some important things that they have previously postponed.

It’s the airplane mode. Otherwise called the monk mode.

For me, it’s one of my best moments — the time I get to do real and deep work.

Now, am thinking, what if we didn’t need to wait to be airborne to create this kind of environment. What if, we took agency for the kind of experience we prefer by sometimes intentionally shutting down all our communication devices, going out of reach and taking a deep dive into doing work that matters. And not only getting to do them once in a while but alot more often.

It make sense to not wait to be in an aircraft to activate your metaphoric ‘airplane mode’…but to do so a lot more times when you are on ground. You’ll be amazed how much difference in your level of productivuty this will make. Try it!

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