…and then what next?


When you now have that your choice car, parked in your garage,….what next? You have just landed that multinational job….just bought a custom made 3 piece Italian suit that you have been dreaming of, with crocodile skin shoes to match,…what next? You now have the financial muscle to travel to any part of the world at any time of the year, then, what next? Your account just hit the million dollar mark – a long pursued goal for you,….what next?

At the risk of being judged, there is nothing bad in aiming at or having any of these things, but the truth is, these achievements are infact not the ultimate goal and they shouldn’t be an end in themselves but an experience on the road to the end. Tools to take you there. It is this misalignment of understanding that will make someone buy a fleet of expensive cars, line them up in his/her garage for the sole purpose of offering aesthetic value. What a waste! That’s not what cars are made for, and it doesn’t matter whether it cost 5K or 5M dollars.

The real meaning of success is that, it is the experience on the journey, when a man commits himself to a cause that is bigger than himself, in his lifetime. Success is not a thing or an accumulation of things and society has gotten it wrong on that front. Should we call a man successful if he suddenly becomes a billionaire by virtue of an inheritance from a deceased parent? No. Or someone becomes a millionaire by a stint of luck in the game of lottery? No. Success is a journey and all the things like money and material possessions are experiences on that journey. Those who are wise know that, on the big picture, materiality is not a desideratum for who is a success or who is not.

And this is the kind of posture that we need to have as we all gear up for the New Year.

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