Are you adding to us or taking away from us?


Today’s economy is organized around the exchange of goods and services, and that’s how value is created and communicated a lot of times.

Now, there is a reason it’s called good and service. Take it literally: Good means good and service means service (in every sense of both words). They are not pseudonyms or afterthoughts. And it’s not a mistake that they are progressive terms. They were intentionally labelled so from the beginning of time.

But it seems to me that the core idea behind these variables may have been eroded over time and this re-education is important. Here’s the idea, the underlying principle has not changed at all: it’s only a good or a service if the good is good indeed and if the service serves the interest of the buyer; if it adds to, rather than take from them. If it serves their interest first….before that of the seller.

Whatever trade you are involved in, the capital question is, does it take from people or add to people? As a business person, do you serve your customers or you try to take from them? What is your motivation?

The character of takers: they are so consumed with the features of the product they sell that they really don’t care whether a particular customer is able to draw benefit from it. They don’t care whether the product adds value to you or not and all they want is just to make another sale, dump the product and add to the numbers. It’s a race to the bottom.

The character of givers: they are chiefly concerned about a win for their customers, and they would always go the extra mile to serve their needs. And to serve is to be generous….to be kind, to show care, to be empathetic, to seek to add. And the good thing is that a posture for service scales geometrically, in that every extra you give matters a lot.

The thing is, we know when you are truly seeking to add value and when you are merely trying to take from us!

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  1. Chukwuka Nwabuogor March 28, 2018 at 1:22 pm - Reply

    Great insight. Thanks.

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