Are you busy…hiding?


Are you running so fast that you can no longer hear your inner voice? Are you muting it with loads of activities? Frantically moving from one thing to the other?

It turns out that for a lot of people, being busy is a common safe place. A place to hide from the alternative of being true to self and of leading the path of greatest fulfilment.

You know, people say midlife awakening is a good thing, only that it comes at age 40 something if you are lucky…but that might be too late in my opinion.

An alternative: rather than wait till mid-life to introspect whether you are on the right path in life, why not schedule it today. Maybe by mid-year. Maybe your next holiday. Maybe at the end of this year. Why not create a block of time to reflect on the path that you are on and be sure that it is leading where you really want to go.

It doesn’t help to climb to the apogee of your career ladder and find that it is leaning on a wrong wall. And it happens that regret is bad company in such instances. It might actually cost less to take the pain of discipline to check and be sure that you are exchanging your life for a kind of work that elicits the highest level of fulfilment within you.

And at a level of human consciousness, that’s all that counts.

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