Are you motivated?


Humans are objects of emotions. Like gas to an automobile, emotions drive us. More than what we think, we are easily propelled into action by our feelings. Good or bad.

We give our best in the directions of our greatest motivations. It’s called Motive Force.

The guy who gets well paid by his company, earning a six-figure annual salary with lofty working benefits, is being remunerated that much so that he can bring emotional labour to the table. They pay him well so he can have some skin in the game. He must give his best because there is a lot at stake – he can now afford a good life for himself and family and once he has tasted what the good life is, he can’t un-taste it. He must keep up that lifestyle. Keeping up that lifestyle means he must keep his game up. And it leads to a virtuous cycle. He has a natural motivation.

This is not so for many fledgling entrepreneurs, when you start a business, you will almost be required to reinvest your profit whether tangible or not — you will need to delay gratification as much as possible. That means that you will have to source the motivational energy from some other means so that you can manage the limited motive force in your store to keep showing up at the early stage of your business.

You will have to manage that around only the projects with more prospect of success and cut out the clutter so that you can have focus energy enough to make an impact, otherwise, you would emotionally burn out sooner than later.

If you will stand the chance of showing up till the day of your breakthrough, you will need to manage your motivational energy very well.

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