Becoming an Artist (Part 2)


….another vital component in practicing Art is the Making process itself.

You know, for the fact that real Art is scary makes it scarce. It is easy to do what you did yesterday, the same way, without putting any thought into it. That’s what Robots do and they don’t get tired. And it is the way the world of work used to be fashioned. You can work in a factory and not involve your mind in the process at all – all you need to do is comply with instructions – do only what you are told and at the end of the month, you get your paycheck.

But the world of work in 2019 really doesn’t favour that kind of approach. In part, because it’s not a scalable idea – no human can beat a Robot in the practice of compliance. And what industrialists seek is to strive to do more with less, to get things done, cheaper and faster.

Today, there is an increasing premium on humans and not robots. Innovative companies who are seeking to build the future are looking to have the kind of minds that brings new flair to the work they do. They are seeking to have in their system, individuals who aren’t afraid to take initiative, not afraid to try nor to fail. Seeking to have people who are willing to stretch themselves to do the kind of work that might not work, because that’s the only way to stumble on what works.

The Italians have a word for this kind of posture and it is called Salto Mortale – a leap into the void; a risky venture that takes courage and guts and faith, and worth saying: a venture that does not have a guaranteed result. That’s how entrepreneurs live on a daily basis. Same thing with Intrapreneurs. Beyond the physical and mental exertions, they must do emotional work and that demands a different kind of education – it demands courage, resilience, empathy, and faith. You will have to get used to the fear and the risk and take action, not because of them but in spite of them. All inventors and innovators understand this language. They know clearly that everything we ever desire in life, is usually on the other side of our fear. The fear is the chasm, it’s the void.

And to get to the other side, and birth the newness that our world seeks in your line of work, you will need to be comfortable with all the tension that comes with “making things and getting things done”. You need this understanding to make Art!

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