Better Instincts


As humans, there are many things we do instinctively – procreation and survival for example. When a baby needs to feed, s/he doesn’t need any kind of formal education to locate where the breast of the mother is. They spot it out at the speed of need; no form of experience is required whatsoever.

You would also agree with me that it cannot be that this natural aptitude to survive is an exclusive preserve of only weaning babies. It cannot be that when we become adults, we automatically lose all of this ability. No, I don’t agree. Research and science have proven that in fact, this ability is inherent in all of us in unique and diverse ways according to our individual wiring. All of us have, in-built at the least, all the internal tools required to negotiate our survival in this world — capabilities that are locked as instructions in our genes.

If you describe it as Talent or Giftings you will not be wrong.

But the thing is, raw talent at its best can only help us to survive. It’s not enough to attain success at a level. Raw talent is not enough to thrive in the work we do. And real success is the gap between an individual that is merely surviving and another that is productively fruitful. What that then means is that we have a responsibility to polish our talent and invariably to better our instinct. To deploy it more often and to decode it enough so as to scale its impact. And one way to achieve this is to seek more education in the work we do in a way that floods our mind with sufficient domain knowledge. That way, you will be training your instinct to make better ‘guesses’, make better decisions and take better actions that procure success for you. You get the idea?

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