Better means change, change means risk and risk means fear.


I’m not sure there is another equation to making things better (or making better things if you like) or succeeding at just anything. Whether it is your life, if you want to make it better, you will need to manage all of these variables well. You can’t escape from it.

You can’t wish that your life gets better, or your job or your health or your marriage…or whatever, just like that. If it will improve then you will need to be ready to change – ready to change something whether external or internal. Or change you (spiritually, physically or emotionally).

And change is never comfortable. Change means you are leaving the known – that comes with some level of security, for the unknown. You are taking a leap of faith from your former state and hoping to land successfully on the platform of your preferred state, with some chances that you might fail in the attempt at the same time. And that’s risk; that risk is typically experienced in humans by a level of fear.

Now, there are two steps to managing this, the first is to be comfortable with the implications and all of the background activities between when you make a decision for better and when better get actualized. The second is to do the emotional work of committing to the process of changing for better. Don’t be afraid of doing that work

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