Black Friday


All across the world today, merchants of consumer goods (& even those in the service industry) have played around the numbers and they are promising massive cuts on products and services and arm-twisting you into making purchases in the name of Black Friday. They don’t mind to clutter your life with all of the things you don’t need. It’s subtle manipulation in a sense. A grand conspiracy by a few to capitalize on the masses. The kind that fans the culture of inordinate consumerism and drives the wheels of capitalism.

The sad thing is that not many people are aware of this. And for as long as it gets, they will continue to fall into this trap and remain victims.

But you have a choice.

A choice to be in control of where, how, when and to what extent you will direct your resources. A choice to procure only the things you truly really need and the things that you can afford. A choice to not buy things on impulse.

But again, you will have to work twice as hard to stay ahead of them. Twice as hard to not give away your sense of agency. Twice as hard to rightly define your personal self-worth/dignity (not as a function of what you possess). Twice as hard to rightly define what it means to be happy & content, what it takes to survive with just enough (& to live within your means), what it means to live as a minimalist and to remain in charge of your personal world.

….not easy but it is worth all the labour.

Ps: See the full article I wrote exactly one year ago on this subject. Via link_??

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