Don’t wait to concur


….strive to be the one who raises his hand to speak first, not the one who’s waiting to merely second what others are saying. Don’t be the one who does everything possible to hide from all forms of mental labour (the labour that is required to keep a posture of service, impact, and contribution).

Be the one who moves first — the one who’s willing to put himself on the spot and to engage with the tension of, “it might work/it might not work”. That proclivity to undertake this labour is the difference maker between individuals, a lot of times. The person who’s willing to risk failure is the one who gets a shot at the prize. No guts, no glory.

You know, it’s easy to spend one’s lifetime as an ‘echo’ — amplifying only what others say and engaging only in what they do. But let that not be you. If you want us to spot you out (in this crowded world), you have to decide to be original. And to be loud about it. That’s how to matter in today’s world.

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