Dying always happens to someone else until it doesn’t.


…until it comes to our close circle or it comes to us, we’ll never have a sense of its implications and most importantly, the sense of urgency that the living must assume.

You know, stats say that about one hundred and five (105) people die every minute around the world. As we speak, someone is drawing his last breath – a young child, an aged person, a healthy adult, a business tycoon headed for a meeting et cetera. And one of those, in fact, can be any of us. From the spiritual to the religious, young child to aged person, poor or rich, the laidback or the ambitious.

But often times, we do not like to see it this way. With all of the energy around us – internal and external, we are tempted to think that death is not a thing. When in fact, it is only just busy with some other persons around the world – sometimes, closer than we think or have knowledge of.

If it is clear that life has a span and nobody can negotiate any route of escape out of this world outside death and death comes like a thief in the night without notice, then we probably would be more urgent and live more intentionally. More true to ourselves and our maker and most importantly make the most of every time that God gives us.

Live now, die later!

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