Early and on time


Some people like to go fast. For them, it’s okay to arrive just on time for the meeting even if it means they have to drive at top speed. It’s cool to barely catch-up with the flight before it takes off. The anxiety and the adrenaline that comes with the urgency is fun.

But you don’t subscribe to that kind of culture.

You are a proponent of slow and steady…you prefer to go to the airport 3 hours before departure time. To submit the bid a week to closure date. Early is the magic word for you. You like to do it the neat and decent way.

Now, here’s the point, it’s already bad enough that they have taken this approach to life, (of which you do not subscribe to)…but for you to now stand on their way in a bid to prove a point is not going to help them get better either.

I know you like to drive slowly, but please don’t stay on the fast lane.

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