Everything you ever wanted in life is within reach


Yesterday, I spoke about the spark the inspiration that leads to amazing inventions and innovations…that leads to ground-breaking ideas, services, and products. It’s the way every great thing that we see in our world, starts.

Now, another thing that is worth mentioning is that, all we will ever need in life is always within reach. They are truly never away from our reach.

You know, I am often amazed at the way the Google map web application works; the way it provides us a helicopter view of the world in its bare state – it is simply exciting, humbling and mind-boggling. (We have gotten so used to some of these inventions (and the way they have evolved) that we often do not appreciate them enough. If it was possible for you to take, just a ten year break, off the planet and come back later, you will be awestruck at all the technological advancements that we have experienced over the years, and maybe it will help you appreciate these things more. For lack of a better expression, they are wonderful in every sense of the word. We don’t appreciate these developments so much because they are evolving right under our noses).

With a google map, you can see your positioning on the earth’s grid and everything around you with a level of clarity. The wine shop close to you that you didn’t know existed; the bookshop that is just 5 meters walk away from you that has the book you have been looking for, the school in your neighbourhood that offers Spanish classes, all clearly visible on your handheld device with the help of google map.

Much more, I wish google map could automatically tell me the neighbour who lives in the same block as me and has the approval authority for that project I have been pursuing; the guy adjacent to me in the gym who shares a similar passion with me; the person sitting by me in the airplane who is the hiring authority in that company I have always dreamt of working for. I wish Google map can give us that possibility. I wish people can be in a public restaurant/park/bus and activate a button that puts their personal profiles live and everybody gets to know real-time, who every other person is (what they do for a living, where they work, what their needs are, their hobbies et cetera); everyone, captured on a grid like system, with clear co-ordinates such that I can delineate it so well as to walk up to someone and call them by their names and see how to exchange value with them (unsurprisingly, it seem some smart guys are already working on it). I know you think it will make us much more vulnerable, but I’m thinking that it will bring us also to a new world of limitless possibilities, because, in reality, everything we need is in the hands of somebody not far away. It’s the way the connection economy works.

The idea of today’s post once again is that, all the things you need is at best with a neighbour that is geographically close to you and at worst, a neighbour online or a friend of your friend. Whatever we need is often not far away, only if we can see. Reminds me of the theory of six degrees (or six degrees of separation) which says that, “all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of ‘a friend of a friend’ linkages can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps”. In simple terms, we are all six or less persons away from anybody we want to meet in life. For example, let’s say you wanted to meet President Donald Trump (the number one citizen of the greatest nation on earth), a friend or a friend of a friend or a friend of a friend of a friend, or in maximum of six links can take you to meet Donald Trump. And this has been scientifically proven. In the online world, it is usually far less than six, only that for most of us, we have no clue about this, even though LinkedIn gives us a sense of this in a way. For some of us, we may not even be more than two persons away from someone we want to meet in life. That’s the way it is.

Knowing this, it is important to always show the right attitude to life with continual faith in what is possible. What is possible, you may ask? Everything. You can meet just anyone and get anything you need in this life, only if you believe enough. That’s how powerful you are!

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