Fifty shades of wisdom: the week after


Hi there,

Hope your day went well?

It’s just over a week now, that my book, fifty shades of wisdom was released to the public and excitingly, it currently has over two hundred downloads and the feedback have been very encouraging.

Have you had the time to go through it? ‎If you haven’t, it’s fine. We can be very busy these days and justifiably so. Please try to take out some time to actually surf through the content; it’s the smart thing to do you know.

Like they say, it’s not the book on the shelf that creates the change that we seek in our lives but our decision to actually engage the content. Our decision to read not only what’s written in the book, but what was not included also — and that can only come from moments of reading and thinking through, in a bid to discover new insights that applies to our own personal lives.

So, get on it if you can and allow the transformation begin. You can also schedule it consciously for a later time, but make sure you take action on it asap.

That said, I will be heading to the press in a few days to print the hard copies of this and my previous book, “On Becoming human”, and I will be happy to get your feedback on possible areas of improvement. If you have concerns with some of the ideas, or layout or the structure in general, please to not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again.‎

Ps: Perchance you missed out on the earlier release:

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