Go big or go home.


Someone has said that we either do great things or we do small things in a great way. How true! There is no problem with starting out on a local scale, but it is always important to keep a global view.

Start local but think global!

Seek to serve the world with what you’ve got. In this era of internet technology and all the amazing possibilities that it offers us, it behooves of us to create services and products that have a universal appeal and a global standard. When the internet provides a level playing field and a place on the starting block, we have all got to put our best feet forward and make the most of it.

If you have decided for a particular line of work, and you are doing it with a keen sense of what it is truly worth (because the best of us is worth the attention of the world), then we should do it well. We should show up and show up big…anything less will amount to self-sabotage. We’ll be selling ourselves short!

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