Happy new week


27 days ago, ‘happy new year’ was in the air, but now the vibe is over. The buzz around the New Year is almost completely lost.

The race of 2019 is now on and the winners are already being distinguished from the also-rans.

Now, what if people treated each day with freshness and optimism as they did at the start of the New Year. What if we commit to doing important work, solve interesting problems and accomplish big things with each new day, rather than keeping our eyes on the possibilities of the year. (Sometimes, it’s a distraction to overly focus on the whole year and lose sight of the day we have in hand).

It turns out that each day gives us the opportunity not only to become better but also to do things better and to do better things.

Now, today, this week, is the real platform of exchange. What you get to accomplish today(and by extension, this week) can change everything.

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