“Hello world, I’m here”


You know, we are currently 7 billion plus people on the planet at the moment. It’s a huge mass.

Mass of diverse people in constant flux – moving from place to place and exchanging value along different lines. Some people get to interact locally while some others engage globally.

Some people relate with the entire world, by reason of the work they do or product/service they make, while some others only get to serve a close-by neighbor.

Value is the language of attention. And it’s like that everywhere.

Look, people are too busy, and if you want them to notice you, then you’ll have to be creating some form of value. You will need to be productive enough, either you are offering your service to one person, or a group of people.

If you have a feeling that the world has left you behind, that means you aren’t productive enough. And the only way to find your space in this crowded world is to negotiate for it – with your skills, gifts, and talents. Nobody is going to give you attention because you deserve it, you have got to demand it.

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