Herds instinct


You know, humans are naturally creatures of instinct far more than they are rational beings. For example, when a child is born into this world, s/he doesn’t need to be taught the position of the breast of the mother for the purpose of lactation. It’s natural and instinctive.

From one species to another, there exist clear tribal patterns that define how members of each tribe engage with life. It’s called culture – the way of life of a people; their mannerisms and preferences. Their mental programs with which they create their experiences.

And it is the way we have managed our existence till date. We group think. We go with the crowd and head the direction where everybody is going because it is the natural thing to do. In our evolutionary past, to choose to be an outlier and the one who’s different is to toy with excommunication. And such banishment guaranteed death – emotionally and even physically because some wild animal could come from the bush and eat you up. Hence our strong urge to favour what the group favours.

Psychologists call this herds instinct. And it is a sheepish way to live one’s life.

May I remind you that we are in 2019 and not 2019BC. Today, it is very safe, to go the other way and choose a different path from others. For the fact that the majority opt for a path will not automatically make it the right one and they can be very sure and yet very wrong.

The takeaway is: make sure to live true to yourself and always remember that “the voice of the people is not the voice of God”.

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