How do you serve humanity?


That’s probably the best way to ask someone, what s/he does for a living.

But it turns out many people will often answer this question with how they give back to society and the number of hours they give to volunteering causes or what they do outside their 9-to-5. But that’s not the point – if you do accounting or banking or law or provide Medicare, you are solving humanity’s problem in some way, at least a person at a time. Even though you earn a living doing it, you do no less good. That you make money from it does not rob it of virtue.

And one thing about having this kind of mindset is that it helps you to realize that making money is a consequence and not the goal. It is ideally supposed to be an experience on the journey as you commit to a life of service, impact, and contribution.

This should be the overarching idea behind work!

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