How to do the work


First, start by identifying the major obstacle that is holding you back — don’t assume but think deeply about it. Find it out. Pin it down.

Usually for me and I assume that for most people whose work involves some form of Art, the main challenge isn’t the work itself as much as it is the will to do the work. That’s why sitting down to write that proposal is often usually harder than the writing itself. That’s why the process of opening the book manuscript in your computer to begin/continue writing is usually harder than the writing itself ; it’s why taking your seat to begin coding a hypothetical software solution is harder than the coding itself, (mostly when there is a big chance that it might not work).

And why is this? It’s simply because all of these actions involve a lot of emotional labour. The emotional labour comes first before the mental labour. The emotional labour is the work of putting yourself in the mood and that’s where the real work lies.

Once you get past that phase, you are more or less half way gone.

Now, I can’t propose to you a magic wand to breaking the ice whenever you need to get something important done, but what I can say is that, for example, if you have decided to master the art of swimming, you don’t go hanging around the periphery of the pool and hope that one day you will get better….what do you do? You take a hold of your nerves and jump.

Just do it!

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