“I did exactly what I was told to do”


…anybody can make such kind of statement but not you. Yes, not you!

Now, I’m guessing you are aware that recent developments in science and technology has made (or is making) humans (and the jobs we do) really endangered. It is no longer news that advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics are bringing new levels of possibilities and efficiency to our lives in unprecedented ways…and the fact is that, to feign ignorance to these developments is to do so at your own peril.

The google mail application in my phone almost always make the right guess in its suggestions on the kind of reply I should send whenever I receive a new email (and its responses gets better nuanced by the day)….it will pass almost comfortably for an effective personal assistant. This was unthinkable decades ago, but it’s happening right under our noses. Computers are doing stuff today, that we hitherto never imagined they could do. Today, we have computers that read x-rays, auto-suggest SMS/E-mail responses, corrects spellings, reads text (with a voice almost indistinguishable from that of a human), drill holes, drive cars, assemble machines and work as care givers to the aged. That’s what is happening today – tasks that we thought were almost impossible for computers to do. Day after day, human-only tasks are disappearing out of our faces. And these computers are doing these jobs faster, cheaper and better than we ever could. They don’t get tired, neither do they call in sick or go on leave, and whether you like it or not, that really does make us endangered.

The job we have now, isn’t to do our jobs according to spec, the way we used to, or to merely do as “instructed”. No. Robots will beat us to that. Our tasks now is to discover new and more new tasks, faster than the computer takes the old ones away. To add value in new ways and to do so with more insight, more care and empathy and connection and emotional labour.

Our humanity is the only USP we have!


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